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Please note that the list of schools here is not meant to be exhaustive. You can use this information as a starting point for researching schools that fit your own personal situation and needs. 


Online schools may offer you the most flexible educational path. You can take classes anywhere you want as long as you have access to the internet! Synchronous online schools offer courses where you meet with your instructors and peers at a designated time and give you a more structured experience than asynchronous ones. However, if you are very self-motivated and have other substantial commitments that require great flexibility, asynchronous classes may work better for you. Here is a list of recommendable online schools based in the US.



This school is part of Stanford University's collegiate extension program. It started out as "EPGY" for gifted students but has grown into a fully established virtual school. The average SAT score of full-time graduating students is a 1490/1600, which ranks Stanford OHS as one of the top private schools in the US. As of 2020 Niche ranked this school as the #1 online high school in the US, #1 best college prep private high school in the US, and #4 best high school for STEM in America.


Like most prestigious private schools, this school requires you to submit an application consisting of SSAT or SAT scores, essays, recommendation letters, etc. All courses, except some university level courses, meet at a set time. This means your class schedule will follow PST (Pacific Standard Time). The school does their best to meet students' time zone needs as best as they can, but you still would need to take early morning classes occasionally, or become a night owl.


The school is very much like a regular school with supportive counselors, clubs, active parent groups, in person prom, graduation ceremony, etc. The school fosters interactions through numerous online and offline meet-ups throughout the year, and many students attend Summer @ Stanford on the Stanford campus for 2 weeks of in-person classes and socialization with friends and teachers. The majority of instructors hold Ph.D.'s and the student body is very diverse and unique with talented students from all over the world. You can find information about application and tuition on their homepage. 



This is more of a program than a school, meaning there are no diplomas. However, they do issue official transcripts. This program is great a supplement to your regular school curriculum. In order to take classes at Johns Hopkins CTY you must first qualify through meeting a certain score on a standardized test. This program has both synchronous and asynchronous classes, as well as summer camps.  


If you do not need credits for taking classes here, you might want to use instead at least for math. CTY and Thinkwell basically have the same math content.



The Laurel Springs School mostly offers asynchronous courses, but you will still be submitting homework and have an instructor to contact for help. Some classes such as foreign language classes offer real time synchronous classes and/or one-on-one practice/meeting times with a tutor. This school could be a great option if you have a significant extracurricular pursuit.



The Potter's School, also known as TPS, offers synchronous classes but only use audio and text with no video interactions. Since it is based on the East Coast, those who live in Korea have a very limited range of courses that they can take during daytime hours. They offer high quality classes and a great variety of subjects. TPS courses can be a great supplement to a homeschool curriculum. 


This school offers a variety of courses and electives. GWOHS has counselors, clubs, and small class sizes like any brick-and-mortar private school. All GWUOHS classes are conducted using a combination of lessons that students complete on their own schedule (asynchronous), and "live" teacher-led online classes in (synchronous)—the combinations may vary based on the course. The tuition depends on your enrollment status, but full-time students pay 12K USD a year.


This academy mostly has asynchronous classes and has a wide variety of courses. It is also a Christian school. The tuition is relatively affordable. 


Some states offer this online program for free, but you can also use this program as an online private school. 



This program offers a variety of courses that can supplement your homeschool curriculum. 



This school is primarily for high school students in California, but you can look into this if you need credits that meet California A-G requirements.

*If you find that any information here needs updating or would like to add information, let us know through the Contact page or send us an email at!

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