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“My daughter loved all the classes. She is excited for the next. Also, since the teachers are explaining stuff in English and translating keywords in Korean, it's helping her alot.

She is not bored at all, and it makes me excited too !


Thanks to all of you for your efforts. I really really appreciate what you are doing for us!!!


Thank you very much.”

-- Parent of a G5 student

“My daughter loved the sessions, they are helping her a lot. She has no help in Korean language at home so sometimes she cannot understand some concept of words.


I try to teach her in English but she cannot comprehend in Korean with the school curriculum so , these sessions are helping her too much !

I am grateful to you guys for starting this setup, and I am looking forward to the next session.”


-- Parent of a G5 student

"My daughter had a great week with Sunnie. She really enjoyed chatting and thought that Sunnie did a good job at getting here to speak more and more in Korean. Sunnie was supportive, engaging, and fun.


My daughter also enjoyed the hangouts. She said the tutor was fun and energetic though the other kids seemed a bit shy. She is looking forward to another week with the program. Thank you so much for providing such a meaningful service."


-- Parent of a G4 student

“My daughter could feel supported and get mentorship and instruction from teens and young adults, and have a nice community of kids in a similar position as she is in Korea.”


-- Parent of a G4 student

“I liked the mentor/teacher so much, he was very patient with my son who struggled a lot to stay focused. He seemed always happy and patient.


Over all we were really happy with the experience and would definitely do it again. Thank you for offering it.”


-- Parent of a G1 student

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