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We started Schooling in Korea in 2018 in hopes of providing students who are new to Korea with with tips on finding schools and navigating extracurricular activities. To help students whose first language is not Korean adjust to the local curriculum, we had made bilingual study guides and short videos. We wanted to create a more interactive and personal experience for our users and relaunched the site in 2020 with a focus on face-to-face mentoring and tutoring. You can find an archive of our old materials here, and sign up for mentoring or tutoring here.

Debbie: I moved to Korea for the first time in 7th grade and attended a Korean middle school for two years. As exciting as it was to experience the new cultural environment, it was quite challenging and lonely at times to handle a curriculum in a language that I could barely speak or write. In addition to academics, it could be frustrating to not be able to fully express my personality or ideas in Korean. I wished that I could have had a community of students in similar situations to connect with, or get some academic help in English so I could have a clear understanding of concepts that are only explained in Korean at school. Joshua and I launched this site and hope to help students experiencing such situations.

Joshua: In the summer of 2015, I moved to Korea for one year as an American sixth grader. My move to Korea was rather sudden, so I had little time to prepare myself for the shift in culture and language. For the first few months, I experienced difficulties communicating with others and could feel helpless at times. The only person who could relate to me was my sister, and I found that sharing my experiences with her and asking for advice helped me adjust to the new environment. After learning that there are many other students that have spent their lives abroad move to local Korean schools, Debbie and I launched Schooling in Korea in 2018 to help students who need support systems in similar situations.

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