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The main purpose of classes at SiK is to help students whose primary language is not Korean adjust to life in Korea and Korean schools. We are not an organization that teaches English or English conversation skills. Our academic subject classes focus on teaching key vocabulary in Korean & English to help students get a better understanding of concepts that are otherwise only taught in Korean at school. 

Check out videos of past classes here!

Fall/Winter 2023: November 27 through January 28, 2024  

Class 1 (Thursdays 7 pm): Korean alphabet and Basic conversational words: Teacher Debbie

Class 1 (Saturdays 9 am): Hanja and Reading for intermediate speakers: Dr. Jung

Spring 2023: March 27 ~ June 24, 2023

     Session 1: March 27 ~ April 29

     Break: May 1 ~ May 6

     Session 2: May 8 ~ June 24

* Class schedule can be adjusted based on the schedules and mutual agreement of both the teacher and students. 

Beginner Korean ( Fri 7:30 pm): Dr. Ko


G3-G4 Hangouts (Wed 6 pm): Teacher Yena

G3 Korean (Sat 9am): Dr. Jung 

G4 Korean (Sat 9am): Dr. Jung

G4 Math (Sat 10am): Dr. Olmos

G4 Math (Thu 6 pm): Teacher Shin-Yu

G6 Korean (Fri 5 pm): Teacher Gyeong-Rok

G6 Science (Mon 7pm).: Teacher Seong-Hyeon 

중1/G7 Math (Mon 7:30pm): Teacher Gyu-Ree

중1/G7 Korean (Sat 10am): Teacher So-Myeong


Other classes upon request and tutor availability

Spring 2022: April 4 ~ May 29, 2022

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G3 Korean (Wed 7:00 pm KST) Dr. Ko

G3-G4 Hangouts (Sat 10:00 am KST) Teacher Matthew

G4 Korean (Sat 9:00 am KST) Dr. Jung

G5 Social Studies (Mon 7:00 pm KST) Mrs. Choi

* G5-G6 Hangouts (Wed 4:30 pm KST) Teacher Joshua

G6 Social Studies (Mon 5:00 pm KST) Teacher Janghyun

G6 Science (Wed 5:00 pm KST) Teacher Sunghyen

G6 Math (Thu 5:00 pm KST) Teacher Daniel

* 중1 Science (Fri 5:00 pm KST) Teacher Junseok

중2 Korean (Sun 12:30 pm KST) Teacher 채정

중2 Math (Fri 6:00 pm KST) Dr. Jung

(Teachers: Classes with * use our secondary Zoom account)

Winter 2022: February Hangouts

G4-G5 Hangouts (Sat 3 pm) Teacher Joan (정조안 선생님)

G6-G8 Hangouts (Fri 4 pm) Teacher Josh

Fall 2021

First day of classes: Sep 13th, KST

Last day of classes: Dec 12, 2021

Teachers: * uses admin zoom account

 G3 Korean (Wednesday 6:30 pm KST) 김효선 선생님

 초3-4 Hangouts (Sat 3 pm KST) 정조안 선생님

 G4 Korean (Sun 9:30 am KST) 조예원/Teacher Sunnie 선생님

 G4 Social (Sunday 11:30 am KST) Teacher Sehun

 G5 Korean (Fri 6 pm KST) Teacher Minjoon

 G5 Math (Sun 1 pm KST) Teacher Ryan

 G5 Social (Mon 5 pm KST) Teacher Janghyun

 G5 Science (Sat 9:00 am KST) Teacher Sunnie/Dr. Jung

 G5-6 Hangouts (Sat 10:30 am KST) Teacher Matthew

 G6 Korean (Monday 6:30 pm) 이다은 선생님

 *G6 Math (Sunday 2 pm KST) Teacher Taesung

 *G6 Social (Sat 8 pm KST) 최윤정 선생님

 *중1 Math (Sat 9 am KST) 신준하 선생님

 *중2 Math (Monday 7 pm KST) 임채정 선생님

 중3 Korean (Sunday 7 pm KST) 정윤경 선생님

 *초급한자및 독해 (Wed 7:30 pm KST) Dr. Ko

Summer 2021

First day of classes: June 28th, KST

Last day of classes: August 7th, KST

G3 Math w/ Teacher Minjoon: Wednesdays 5:30pm KST

G4 Math w/ Teacher Kevin: Saturdays 10:30am KST

G4 Social Studies w/ Teacher Sehun: Sundays 11am KST

G4 Science w/ Teacher Sunnie: Sundays 10am KST

G5 Math w/ Teacher Yejun: Sundays 12:00 pm KST

G5 Social Studies w/ Teacher Janghyun: Mondays 5pm KST

G5 Science w/ Teacher Zoe: Fridays 5pm KST

G6 Math w/ Teacher Ryan*: Fridays 8:00pm KST

G6 Social Studies w/ Mrs. Choe: Saturdays 8pm KST


중1 Math w/ Dr. Jung: Saturdays 9am KST

​중1 Science w/ Dr. Jung: Saturdays 10am KST

G3-G7 한자 (Chinese characters) w/ Dr. Ko: Wednesdays 7pm KST

G3-G4 Hangouts w/ Teacher Joshua*: Thursdays 5pm KST

G5-G6 Hangouts w/ Teacher Matthew: Saturdays 12:30pm KST 

* indicates the 2nd zoom account (no need for teachers to login)

Spring 2021

First day of classes: April 5, KST

Last day of classes: May 30, KST

G1 Math (Tue 5 pm KST) w/ Taesung Uhm


G2 Math (Mon 6 pm KST) w/ Taesung Uhm

G2 Korean (Fri 7 pm KST) w/ Emily Park

G3 Korean mentoring (Mon 5 pm KST) w/ Minjoon Sohn

G4 Math (Wed 5 pm KST) w/ Kevin Yoon

G4 Social (Mon 4 pm KST) w/ Sehun Kim

G4 Science (Sun 10 am KST) w/ Sunnie Limson

Grades 4 Hangouts (Thu 6 pm KST) w/ Joshua Jung

G4-5 Korean Language Class (Sat 2 pm KST) w/ Sookin Cho

G5 Math (Fri 5 pm KST) w/ Ryan Park

G5 Science (Thu 5 pm KST) w/ Zoe Jung

G5 Social (Mon 5 pm KST) w/ Janghyun

Grades 5 Hangouts (Thu 6 pm KST) w/ Matthew Kim

G6 Social Studies (Sat 2 pm KST) w/ Yoonjung Choe

중1 Math (Sat 9 am KST) w/ Yejun Lee

중1 Math (Sat 11 am KST) w/ Jae-Hun Jung

중1 Science (Sat 10 am KST) w/ Eon-Suk Ko

중2 Science (TBD) w/ John

Winter 2021

First day of classes: January 18th, KST

Last day of classes: February 28th, KST

Academic Subject Classes

G1 Science w/ Teacher Taesung: Mondays 10:30am KST

G1 Math w/ Teacher Yejun: Sundays 10:30am KST

G2 Science w/ Teacher Taesung: Saturdays 6:00pm KST

G2 Math w/ Teacher Seungju: Thursdays 10:30am KST

G3 Social Studies w/ Teacher Sehun: Tuesdays 6:00pm KST

G4 Science w/ Teacher Sunnie: Sundays 9am KST

G4 Social Studies w/ Teacher Zoe: Thursdays 5:30pm KST

G4 Math w/ Teacher Yejun: Fridays 5:30pm KST

G4 Korean w/ Teacher Sunnie: Saturdays 9am KST

G5 Social Studies w/ Teacher Janghyun: Mondays 4:30pm KST

G5 Math w/ Teacher Matthew: Thursdays 6:00pm KST

G6 Social Studies w/ Mrs. Choe: Saturdays 2pm KST

G7 Science w/ Dr. Ko: Saturdays 11:30am KST

G7 Math w/ Dr. Jung: Sundays 4pm KST

Korean Language Classes & Hangout Groups

G1 Korean w/ Teacher Seungju: Mondays 10:30am KST

G2 Korean w/ Teacher Sarah: Sundays 9:30am KST

G3 Korean w/ Teacher Kevin: Fridays 3:30pm KST

G2/3 Hangouts w/ Teacher Sarah: Mondays 9:30am KST

G4 Hangouts w/ Teacher Kevin: Fridays 4:05pm KST

G5 Hangouts w/ Teacher Joshua: Fridays 5pm KST

G6/7 Hangouts w/Teacher Debbie: Saturdays 10:30am KST


*Hangouts are a space to get to know students in similar situations, talk about life in Korean school, adjusting to the culture/language, and other topics.

Fall 2020

1st Grade Math

Teacher: Yejun (Saturday + Sunday 1pm KST)

2nd Grade Math

Teacher: Matthew (Thursday 5pm, Saturday 4pm KST)

3rd Grade Math

Teacher: Yejun (Wednesday 5pm KST)

3rd Grade Science

Teacher: Sunnie (Saturday + Sunday 9am KST)

3rd Grade Social Studies

Teacher: Sehun (Sunday 3pm KST)

4th Grade Math

Teacher: Ryan (Saturday 2pm KST)

6th Grade Science

Teacher: Dr. Jae-Hun Jung (Saturday 11am KST)

6th Grade Social Studies

Teacher: Dr. Eon-Suk Ko (Saturday 10am KST)


Mentors: Joshua (Saturday + Sunday 5pm KST), Debbie (Sunday 10am + 12:30pm KST), 


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