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As a result of the rapid increase in international travel and globalization in recent decades, there is a rising number of youth that spend time growing up in more than one country. For youth who are raised outside of their parents’ heritage country or countries for the majority of their formative years, moving to a new country often presents the challenges of adjusting to a new language, education system, and social life. Mastering a new language and studying in a second language are not easy skills to suddenly acquire. However, with the necessary tools and support system, students can tackle their transition into new environments with more confidence and a growth mindset.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the net international migration for Koreans in 2018 between 0-9 years old was 20,000, and 26,000 for those between 10-19 years old. 61.7% of non-Korean entries came from China, Thailand, and Vietnam. 11% of non-Korean sojourners were "overseas Koreans," which likely referring to ethnic Koreans raised outside of Korean.  


To help students who are transitioning to life in Korea in particular, Schooling in Korea (SiK) provides information on navigating schooling and extracurricular opportunities in Korea, as well as mentoring sessions. We also provide bilingual tutoring services, mentoring, and hangout groups.

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